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Concept Note and Call for Applications

A unique coalition of youth-serving Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) organisations and faith organisations has come together to develop a joint campaign to promote young people’s access to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights information and services in 8 Southern African countries.

Fortunately, Southern African governments have made progressive policy commitments to offer young people universal access to SRHR information and services. The Maputo Plan of Action operationalises the Continental Policy Framework for SRHR in Africa and the ESA commitments promise Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) and adolescent SRH services in 20 Eastern and Southern African countries. In practice, this ambitious policy framework contrasts with slow progress on young people’s SRHR. For example, in 2017, 167 in 1,000 girls aged 15-19 had given birth in Mozambique, 145 in Zambia, 136 in Malawi and 94 in Lesotho. The unmet need for family planning reaches staggering 66% in South Africa, 65% in Swaziland, 61% in Lesotho. A UNESCO analysis of ten countries shows that school syllabi do not include basic information about condoms and contraception and lack a gender focus.

Hence, the Because We Can! Campaign.  The campaign’s overall objective is to contribute to positive changes in SRHR and CSE policies and laws and to defend progressive policies and laws from attacks at AU, SADC and national levels in 8 Southern African countries. Particularly, the campaign ensures a more effective domestication and monitoring of the Maputo Plan of Action, ESA commitments and SADC SRHR Strategy 2019-2030.

The campaign has 2 specific objectives:

  • To increase the number of Southern African CSOs advocating for the domestication and implementation of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) policies and norms protecting youth rights in Southern Africa.

  • To enhance decision-makers’ accountability in domesticating and implementing continental policies and norms promoting young people’s SRHR in Southern Africa.

Investing into this campaign means increasing the awareness and attitudes of Journalists and Social Media Activists on their governments’ legal and policy commitments on SRHR, so that they can disseminate, persuade and influence their peers, constituencies and general public.

There is no doubt that traditional and social media plays an important role in holding governments accountable for domesticating and implementing these policy commitments and demanding for the respect, protection and fulfilment of these rights.

Rationale for the Media Training and Tour

The success of this campaign depends on strong partnerships and collaborations with Journalists and Social Media Activists at regional, national and local level.  Partners in Sexual Health (PSH) believes that Journalists and Social Media Activists are key to identifying the current gaps which hampers the domestication of the Maputo Plan of Action, ESA commitment and SADC SRHR strategy.

PSH will identify a cadre of vibrant Journalists and Social Media Activists who will raise their voice and rally support for SRHR across Southern Africa. The main criterion for their recruitment is their proven motivation to promote SRHR and their ability to reach diverse people across different social groups crosscut by age, wealth and religion who are either supportive or resistant to SRHR. Typically, they voluntarily take extraordinary interest in the promotion of SRHR and will force a topic through entrenched resistance to change.

Overview of Media Training


PSH will organise a 4-day SRHR and CSE training workshop in Cape Town, South Africa for 7 selected Journalists and Social Media Activists, with the aim of increasing their understanding of the status of domestication and implementation of AU and SADC policies. Training will allow for the introduction of the Because We Can! Campaign toolkits and materials and help Journalists and Social Media Activists to generate content on SRHR and CSE. Plenary presentations will alternate with group reflections, discussions and case studies. Learning will be assessed through pre- and post-training tests.

Overview of Media Tour


During the week of the Media Training, PSH will organise a 1-day field visit in Cape Town, South Africa for the Journalists and Social Media Activists. Visiting selected SRHR and CSE interventions will give journalists an in-depth view and a much greater understanding of the issue. The one day programme will include a visit to a project site; meetings with decision-makers, young advocates; and participation in campaign activities.


Objectives of the Media Tours and Youth Social Media Activists Training

Increased media and social media coverage of SRHR demonstrating accurate and holistic understanding of SRHR topics from a human rights perspective.


The Media Training and Tour will take place from 09 - 13 December 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Call for Applications:

PSH invites Journalists and Social Media Activists from the below countries to apply for participation in the Media Training and Tours.

South Africa; Malawi; Namibia; Eswatini; Zambia; Lesotho; Botswana; Mozambique

Selection Criteria:

Successful applications will be selected based on the best matches from the below criteria:

  • Relevant degree in Communications and/or Journalism.

  • Provide proof that at least 2 (two) of your articles have been published or broadcasted about Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and/or Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in the last twelve (12) months.

  • Provide an updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) detailing your qualifications and experience.

  • All applicants should write a motivation letter in 100 words or less why they are the best candidate to attend.

  • Applicants should be in possession of a valid passport and be able to travel to Cape Town, South Africa within 3 days’ notice given to attend the full 5-day training and tour programme.

  • Fluency in English with excellent verbal and written communication.

  • Be able to seamlessly interact with others from different cultures and use empathy effectively.

  • Demonstrated ability to train and build capacity of others.

  • Supportive of a woman’s right to choose and to have access to safe abortion services.

Deadline for Applications:       

Monday, 02 December 2019 at 17h00 CAT

Logistics Information:

  • Successful applicants will be notified during the week of 02 December 2019 and should be prepared to travel to Cape Town, South Africa on Sunday, 08 December 2019.

  • Partners in Sexual Health (PSH) will be responsible for all participants’ costs relating to the Media Training and Tours which will include: flight tickets, airport transfers, hotel accommodation (B&B), lunches and per diems for dinner and incidentals.

  • The details of the Training and Accommodation Venue in Cape Town and Training and Tour Programme will be shared with the successful participants during the week of 02 December 2019.

Send Your Application to:

Hamlet Johannes

[email protected]

(include in the subject line: Application for Because We Can! Campaign Media Training and Tour)

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