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The below menu specifically navigates the pages of the Because We Can! Campaign

Meetings & Workshops

Because We Can! Campaign's 

Online SRHR Training

The implementing partners of the Because We Can! Can Campaign will release a series of Online SRHR Training Videos during 2021.


These online training will include:  

  • SRHR Training for Youth

  • Training for Parliamentarians & Government Officials

  • SRHR Policy Training

  • Civic Education on SRHR Policy Processes   

  • Advocacy Training


Our online sessions are self-managed and do not have fixed time slots for participation. Access to the content of the online modules is at your own convenience and your own pace.  From time to time, the moderators may organise "live" conversations. Should this be the case, these will be communicated in advance, and while they often provide a more significant opportunity to interact with and get to know your fellow participants and the moderators, these sessions are not compulsory and will not affect your overall course assessment.

To ensure you do not miss out on this fantastic opportunity, please complete the registration form and we will notify you when the training content is ready.

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