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IPPFAR & PSH Partnership and Youth Friendly Clinic Launched in Gariep Local Municipality, Burger

IPPFAR and PSH have recently formed a partnership and launched a Youth Friendly Clinic in Burgersdorp in the Gariep Local Municipality of the Eastern Cape Province. This partnership will also extend to the government of the Eastern Cape Province since it is a crucial stakeholder in this important initiative.

The launch was preceded by a visit of the IPPFAR delegates to the Parow Head Office then followed by a pre-launch event at the Beaufort West Youth Clinic on 8 August 2014.

The Founder and CEO of PSH, Ms. Patsy de Lora, and the two delegates representing IPPFAR, Ms. Dudu Simelane and Dr. Phiny Hanson, were interviewed on Radio Gamkaland FM following the Beaufort West pre-launch event.

Click HERE to listen to this interview.

The successful launch of the Youth Clinic in the Gariep Local Municipality of Burgersdorp in the Eastern Cape Province took place on Saturday, 9th August 2014.

Click HERE to see the launch photos on our Facebook page.

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