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PSH initiative, Siyakwazi Youth Network, launched successfully

Partners in Sexual Health (PSH) started an initiative in August 2015, called the Siyakwazi Youth Network (SYN); the first SRHR Network in South Africa which will produce a generation of youth advocates and leaders in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). The Siyakwazi Youth Network believes that youth, as civil society activists, have the power to be significant architects of positive change.

The SRHR Network was established in partnership with the National & Provincial Population Units (N/PPUs), located in the national and provincial Departments of Social Develop­ment (DSD), and National Youth Develop­ment Agency (NYDA).

The Siyakwazi Youth Network was success­fully launched in Port Elizabeth on Friday, 22 July 2016 during the Department of Social Development’s release of the World Popula­tion Report by Minister Bathabile Dlamini in partnership with The United Nations Popula­tion Fund (UNFPA).

During the launch the Network’s active members had their voices heard on a Na­tional Level by the Minister of Social Develop­ment. Through participation at youth camps, where members were trained on SRHR is­sues, they were able to identify key social is­sues they face in their daily lives. The two most prominent issues that were raised were Teenage Pregnancy and Substance Abuse.

During the launch of the Network the Youth were able to voice these is­sues to Minister Dlamini who promised that she will address it with the appro­priate stakeholders. This promise was inscribed on a pledge banner and signed by all Youth members and the Honour­able Minister herself.

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