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PSH and Siyakwazi at the 8th South African AIDS Conference

Southern Africa is in its strongest position yet when it comes to control of the AIDS epidemic, however there are a number of major gaps that still need to be addressed and plugged. Prevention has always been the poor relative of the epidemic (one cannot ignore people already infected), and social and structural change had been the orphan of prevention. In the 8th Southern African Conference you can find the latest advances in basic sciences alongside an emphasis on how to be part of lasting change to prevent new infections.

South Africa's National Strategic plan includes whole sections on prevention and structural change- and we are getting somewhere in some ways but in other such as the role of alcohol, poverty, education, gender based violence and patriarchy we don't always seem to be making progress or are we?

Policies such as the National Liquor Norms and Standards, the National AIDS Council (SANAC) of The National Sex Worker HIV Plan, are giant steps forward but are they enough?

PSH and the Siyakwazi Youth Network attended to make our beneficiaries' voices heard as part of the effort to really take control of the epidemic.

Click HERE for photos of the event on Facebook.

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